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2nd Edition

Publishing date: Friday 13 December


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HARDY TREE – A Doctor’s Bible
by J. Warwick Sweeney

The current rises in anxiety, depression, mental ill-health and addiction are out of control. In the middle of the 20th century, John Yerbury Dent, a pioneering London doctor from the ‘do no harm’ tradition, campaigned for a deeper understanding of these ailments, better treatments and policies. Few listened.

Hardy Tree is a biographical novel written by Dent’s grandson, J Warwick Sweeney, and plots the life of Dent using the doctor’s own writings; his unpublished memoirs and correspondence.

Towards the end of Dent’s life an anonymous and unfulfilled literary genius suffering from heroin addiction came to London. Knocking at death’s door he was sent to knock on Dent’s. His name: William Seward Burroughs. 

Hardy Tree is the previously untold story of Burroughs’ rebirth and the crucial part played by his doctor’s compassion, and the lost art of healing. An inspirational and timely story. 

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A novel by Richard Jobson

“We have become a society obsessed with the immediacy of sensation. Once the recurring theme of sport and pornography, it has crept into all areas of culture. The impact has become more important than the meaning, or the impact has become the meaning.

In my new novel Into The Void, the central character, Alistair, enters a world he sees as being created around fakery and illusion. He wants to understand if there is more to our lives than the addiction to an empty nothingness.

Against a backdrop of Edinburgh’s New Town splendour, Old Town ghosts and dockside regeneration, Into the Void seethes with a malevolence both sexual and violent.
Stylised into the shape of a neo-noir crime story, Alistair the private banker hunts Sean, a young rent boy lost in a haze of debt, drugs and music. A game of hide and seek turns into a nocturnal death trip.

Hell bent on the destruction of everything around him, Alistair laughs at the absurdity and pointlessness of our existence as he embraces our nihilistic lust for sensation.”
– Richard Jobson

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Sleaford Mods 2007–2014

by Jason Williamson


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The Ritual of Everyday Ordinariness

a novella by Penny Rimbaud & Matthew Griffiths
Illustrated by Bron Jones

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The Skids No Bad Words 1977–2017

by Richard Jobson

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16 Years of Alcohol

by Richard Jobson
Illustrated by Philip Core

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The Universal Other
(of which I am one and a part)

by Penny Rimbaud

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Buy The Universal Other + And Now It Rains together and save on shipping.

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And Now It Rains

a series of poems 2005-2007
by Penny Rimbaud

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America, and how!

tales from the New World 1973–2012
by Penny Rimbaud

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