Playing casino games at an online casino is a great way to enjoy the realism of games and the ability to withdraw real money from home. When players choose a casino site, they will find hundreds of game options, all of which offer many betting options. While some of these games will be more attractive than others, players need to know which bets to avoid when playing. Knowing this, you can avoid sucker bets and expand your bankroll for a longer and more lucrative gaming session.

For those who play Caribbean Stud, avoid the progressive side bets that are on offer. This gives players the option of wagering an additional $ 1 that goes into a pool to build the jackpot. The average house edge when placing this bet is a whopping 26.46%. This is definitely a bet that is not beneficial in most cases.

Any bet on Keno is a bad choice. Keno is a lottery game that can be fun and offers a nice break after some traditional games, but the house edge on this game is too high. The house edge on Keno games can be anywhere from 20 to 35%, so there aren’t many advantages for the real money player. This game has high risk and low rewards and should be avoided online.

Another bad bet is the proposition bet in craps. A specific pair of numbers must be rolled for these bets. These bets are sucker bets and the payouts are less than the odds of winning. Many other bets at the craps table offer great odds, some with a 1.36% house edge. So avoid the proposition bets and stick to the usual bets when playing.

One final bet that you should always avoid is the insurance bet in blackjack. The dealer’s offs who turn an ace into natural blackjack are low, so insurance bets typically only pay off 30% of the time. These bets will deplete your bankroll quickly and most seasoned gamblers will already know that they will never avail of the insurance option if it is offered. It’s just another way for the casino to increase the house edge and wipe out the bankroll.


The hand values ​​are determined by a method unique to baccarat, although similar to blackjack. The game puts the banco or banker against the punto or player. Everyone is dealt two cards and the game either ends there or moves forward based on perfected mathematical odds. Number cards 2-9 are worth their face value, 10-King are zero, and Aces are worth one. The score of each hand is determined by the correct number of card values ​​that are added together. For example, a hand with a king and a 4 card is worth 4, but a hand with two sevens is 4, not fourteen, since the hand value is the number on the right. This makes the strategy of building the strongest hand a little more complicated than blackjack, but the strategy doesn’t matter,

How to play

Punto Banco is an observation game where players simply bet on whether the banco hand or the punto hand will win. The betting areas are clearly marked and both result in a double or no payout of 1: 1. Betting on the punto has a relatively low house edge, similar to that of blackjack, and betting on the banco gives the player an edge. So if you win the Banco bet you will have to pay the house a small 5% commission. Which of the two bets you choose is up to the player and you can even bet on both or the same amount as you can also bet on a tie. Tie bets are a better payout due to their lower probability and if the game ends in a tie,


One of the most common strategies is to place a larger bet on the banco or punto and a smaller bet on the tie as an insurance bet and the chance that this payout is 8: 1. Despite the fact that you have to pay a commission, the banco bet is mathematically guaranteed to ultimately win more than the punto bet.

Players also make use of the progressive betting system, of which the Martingale system or a variant of the Martingale is most commonly used. Progressive betting systems involve increasing or decreasing your stake depending on whether you win or lose, so that you either wager with only the money you won or regain all of your losses if you win. Be careful with the progressive bets as they may require a large bankroll and be sure to look at all of the betting strategies before implementing one to find one that suits you.

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